The Refugees of Polar Light

Escaping the Talibans, a civil war or famine, their flight led them all the way to the polar winter. On a remote island in northern Norway, a world diametrically opposed to the one they always knew, Ahmed, Dalia and Abdul wait desperately for political asylum, while learning the Norwegian way of life.


Data sheet

Documentary film - HD, 60’, France, 2013

Directors: Charles Emptaz et Jonathan Châtel

Languages: Norwegian, English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Russian.

Produced by Les films de l’air with the participation of CNC, MEDIA, European program, Vosges TV, Ile-de-France Region, Procirep-Angoa, and the support of UNHCR.

Festivals: Festival international du film sur l'environnement, Paris 2014, Festival international du film sur les droits de l'homme, Paris / Gard 2014, Festival du film d’éducation, Evreux 2014, Festival Cine-Migrants, Paris 2015, Festivals in Portugal, Belgium, screenings at Avignon Theatre Festival…



Bluray, HD files, DVD with English subtiles