At Uz, an isolated hamlet in the northern mountains of Portugal, four generations live together in a group of around fifty people. When life is rough, solidarity is of the highest order. Everything else is left in God’s hands. They could have emigrated, like so many others, but chose to stay and keep their ancestral way of life, away from the racket of modernity.


Documentary - HD, 78’, Portugal, Switzerland, France - 2014

Languages: Portuguese and French. Subtitles in French, Portuguese, English.

Director:  João Pedro Plácido

Screenplay: Laurence Ferreira Barbosa,  João Pedro Plácido

DOP: João Pedro Plácido

Editing: Pedro Marques

Sound: Hugo Leitao

Music: Nicolas Rabaeus

Production: O Som e a Furia,

Coproducers: Joelle Bertossa (Close up Films, Switzerland), Nora Philippe



Data sheet

Festivals: Doclisboa’14 – Portuguese Competition Longas [Portugal, 2014]: Liscont Award and IADE Award for Best Portuguese Film

Trento Film Festival [Italy, 2015]: Silver Gentian for best artistic and technical contribution

Porto post doc [Portugal, 2014]

Visions du Réel [Switzerland, 2015]

ACID Cannes [France, 2015]



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