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About - Les films de l'air - Production de cinéma documentaire


At the end of the 19th century, french scientist Etienne-Jules Marey invented the harbingers of cinema with photographic machines that grasped the elusive: air and fumes, the movement of men, the flight of birds. To film the invisible and to film what is vital (just like air…) is Les films de l’air’s mission.


Les films de l’air is a company based in Paris that produces documentary cinema of a few carefully selected directors. We focus on contemporary social topics, culture and arts, with a stress on personal stories and observational documentaries. Our productions and international coproductions have been showed in prominent festivals worlwide, including Festival de Cannes, and for those that were released in theaters, have been acclaimed by the media. Nora Philippe is the founder and director of Les films de l’air. She is also a filmmaker and a cinema teacher.


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