300 Souls

Between these walls, there are three hundred men and an emergency. They all have names, but they've lost their history along the way. They laugh and confront each other, they recreate the world, the one they've lost. Each of them have a bed, from which they wait for a new day. This is Fortin, a homeless shelter in Marseille.



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Les films de l’air


Data sheet

Documentary feature film - HD, 78’, France, 2014

Screenplay and directors: Aline Dalbis and Emmanuel Gras.

Production: Les films de l’air with the support of Région Île-de-France and Ministère du Travail et de la Cohésion sociale. Coproduced by Inthemood

Theatre release: Sophie Dulac Distribution.

Festivals: Cinéma du réel / Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2014 (World Premiere), Festival international du film de La Rochelle 2014, Ecrans documentaires Arcueil 2014, Festival d’Auch / Ciné 32 2014, Festival du film d’éducation Evreux 2014….National theatre release on 25th March 2015.

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